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When you are pregnant everyone talks about how hard it will be once the baby is here. “You’ll never sleep”, “No more time with your partner”, “Good luck everything is going to change”. They never mention some of the good things about having a baby. Yes, it’s so hard having a baby. No matter if it’s your first or tenth, it’s hard, but there are still some things that make it all worth it.

Endless cuddling

When I had my first, everything was crazy postpartum. I was trying to take care of this new person and myself. I cried a lot from…

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This past week I have tried many changes. Some have been successful and some not. The most important update is that I’ve reached my weekly goal. As shown below I am now at 199.

I have made this publication in order to track my journey. I’ve come to the realization that I do need to make some serious changes in my life. I should've already been doing this years ago but it’s better now than later on. My goal for this is to get to a healthy BMI in 7 months. The start date is May 1st, so by December 1st, I hope to be down to 145 pounds or roughly 65 kg. I will lay out some of my plans for this publication below. …

It can be so hard to be a step-parent, just as it’s hard to be a step-child. There are so many different ways to parent and everyone is used to a certain lifestyle. When you mix the households, it can be very difficult to adjust to the new changes. I also find it hard when there is so much media for the evil step-parent and the trouble-making step-child. However, there are some things I’ve learned on my own that have really helped me manage, and improve, the relationship with my step-son.

Communication with the child

It goes without saying that the best way to…

Technology can be both a blessing and a blight on parents. Especially in our crisis, the world is in now. This past summer, it was easy for our family to go outside for entertainment. However, now that winter is upon us, we have to look elsewhere for entertainment. In our small two-bedroom home, it’s difficult to do much but watch TV or videos. It’s hard to play board or card games with a preschooler and newborn because we need something to entertain short attention spans. We find ourselves quickly turning to video games or tablets for entertainment. I have mixed…

I, like millions of others, never thought I would be living during a pandemic. However, pandemics are inevitable. Viruses are always mutating and with global travel a daily occurrence, the spread of viruses is even faster than in the past. Still, many didn’t ever think or even conceive that it would happen. It has changed the daily lives of almost everyone. As a mother, quarantine with my children was not something I ever thought would happen. It has been both a blessing and blight. …

Meghan Rhodes

I love writing and sharing my stories with others.

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